Official Portrait Artist

Her Majesty The Queen - 2011

Official Artist

2012 Olympic Games

Next Exhibition - 1st - 31st May 2015

M1 Fine Art Gallery – 20 Nelson Road, London, SE10 9JB

Darren Baker is a hyper-realism artist producing works of art comparable to photography.

The techniques employed by Darren to achieve such fantastic results have been developed and perfected over decades of dedicated hard work. Said by many to be the best of his kind and probably the finest art draftsman of our generation.

The Worlds Greatest Equine Artist

A Very Modern  “Old Master”

Darren Baker is now acknowledged as one of the leading painters of the classical realism genre, and his style displays the influences of both the Dutch masters and the contemporary realist school. Inspired by Ansel Adams and the methods of Vermeer, Darren Bakers’s deep rooted love of fine detail, draw upon the symmetry and contrast of the human and mechanical lens, and of course, represent the power of techniques developed and perfected over 30 years.

The process of each work of art takes several hundred hours to complete.




The 21st Century’s

Finest Portrait Artist

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